February 8, 2023


Product Photography

When I say my background is product photography, it stems from photographing jewelry for five years straight out of College! A lot of the aesthetics I learned were from the owner's style. The style evolved throughout my time there and it just got better and better. What stayed consistent was the not using humans as props which really made us think outside of the box. Another one was making sure most of the pieces show in the final crop and that the pieces are laid how they would naturally in the real world.

Surprisingly enough, my favorite part of that job was the editing. I got really focused into making sure that the silver are silver, reflections are almost nonexistent, all specks of dust are gone, and that the facets are always shining! I had a lot of fun perfecting each final image. Sometimes it takes me hours and other times when shot just right, it's almost good right out of the camera.

My takeaway from that experience was wishing we had enough space in the studio with other photographers to keep our setup the same until a project is over. So now I am grateful to have my own room at home where I can keep my setup the way it is if needed, until I've delivered final images to the client. I love working with little products. Sure they take a lot of time to put together but coming up with different ways to showcase them is always a lot of fun!