March 2, 2023

Playing with Food

"My constant battle with food was whether to devour it or not touch it at all.

So I decided to slow down and let the forms and textures devour me instead.

It allowed me to investigate what makes food smell sour, taste sweet, and feel crunchy.

The intimacy of its closeness create a different world with our familiar pleasures.

It has been given a chance to stare at you in the face on its way to your mouth."

  • Joysha Fajardo , Seattle University BFA 2009

If I weren't transparent enough, my college thesis described me very well. My love for food and the curiosity of seeing another world beyond what our naked eye can see. Photography brought that together and for me it was making sure I wasn't just taking another microscopical photo of what I had for breakfast that day. I wanted to find the shapes, the colors, and textures that at first glance is unrecognizable but when studied longer, familiar memories start zapping back into our taste buds.

For example, everyone's favorite is the bacon and egg. This was actually the very first photo I shot for this project that I presented in class. When I first saw it on the back of my digital camera, it was unrecognizable but I knew exactly what they were. The hint of the runny eggs just grazing along the edges of my crispy bacon was perfectly lit by the bright morning sun. I wanted my entire thesis to evoke this feeling but technology does limit us sometimes. Someday, I might continue and add into this because I loved it so much but I can still feel my husband's hungry stare whenever he waited for me to photograph our food first.